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Updated September 27, 2014

Is This the End Time?

Here are five separate key prophecies that we will examine to determine if this is indeed the end time.

Prophecy 1

Flag of the nation of Israel

There are at least eleven different places in the Old Testament that state this same prophecy. Jer 23:3, Isa 14:1, Isa 27:12-13, Isa 43:5-6, Isa 65:8-10, Eze 34:13, Eze 36:24, Eze 37:25, Eze 39:28, Zep 3:20, and Amo 9:14-15.

This prophecy and the establishment of the Jewish nation which called itself Israel is the beginning of fulfillment of a prophecy in the twenty third chapter of Jeremiah that will trigger the other end time prophecies. Not before May 14, 1948 could it have been in the end time. On this date the modern nation of Israel was reborn. Although technically she is Judah; not Israel. The Jews came home and became a nation.

Prophecy 2

June 11, 1067 Jerusalem is liberated

Not before June 7, 1967, could it have been in the end time. On this date Israel recaptured the Old City and reunited Jerusalem. For 1897 years, from the conquest and destruction by the Romans in 70 CE to the liberation in 1967, Jerusalem was trampled by Gentiles. General Rabbi Shlomo Goren, chief chaplain of the IDF, sounded the Shofar at the Western Wall to signify its liberation.

People throughout history have wondered if they were living in the end time. The end time Bible prophecies were not yet applicable in 1000 AD or 1843 when the Millerites thought that the second advent was imminent. The Jews had not yet been brought back home. Israel (Judea) became a nation in 1948 and regained control of Jerusalem in 1967. Now the other end time prophecies may be about to come true. Though not yet fulfilled there is a prophecy in Zechariah that will guide us as we proceed toward the end.

Jerusalem has been retaken by the Jews but before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ one half of Jerusalem will again fall to the Palestinians. Zachariah 14:2 This event will trigger a chain reaction of events that fulfill many remaining prophecies. Then Christ will return; not before this prophecy is completely fulfilled.

Prophecy 3

There can be no doubt that the twelth chapter of Daniel is about the end time. Verse 1 speaks of tribulation and verse 2 talks of the dead rising to judgement; the LORD's Day. This prophecy list two conditions by which to recognize the time. They are highlighted.

The Bible

The Bible begins, pun intended, "Bereshith" (In the beginning) Genesis 1:1. The Hebrew word bereshith begins with the second letter of the Hebrew aleph-beth, ב beth, ergo beth is the first letter in the Bible. Beth implies duality. Not only does "in" (In the beginning) describe also "out" but alphanumerically beth is equal to 2. Here in Daniel 12:4, as in other Bible verses, there are two meanings or lessons to recieve. A look at the literal meaning:

Moon Landing

Daniel 12:4 states that in the end time "Many shall run to and fro". Taken literally Nahum 2:4 gives us an example of the phrase "to and fro" used to indicate travel.

These numbers are from the US Department of Transportation. In 1960 Americans flew 33,399,000,000 miles and drove 1,272,078,000,000 miles. Forty seven years later in 2008 air travel had increased about 1800% to 607,546,000,000 miles and highway travel increased almost 400% to 4,963,161,000,000 miles. Yes, today many literally run to and fro! This phrase of the prophecy has indeed achieved peek fulfillment as never before in our history.

Now a look at "knowledge shall be increased". The word technology means applied knowledge. Throughout history man has depended on his own legs or those of a horse or camel for transportation. September 27, 1908 the first Model T Ford rolled onto the street. Pull out onto a busy freeway in a modern automobile as tens of millions of us do daily. Consider it's electronics such as GPS as you communicate over a cell phone with someone 3000 miles away. Buy a computer. No matter how much money you pay the computer will be obsolete in 18 months. Via satelite transmission camera cell phones and the internet what happens in Jerusalem, Israel can be almost instantly seen seven thousand miles away in Dallas, Texas. Yes, that "knowledge shall be increased" is today, as never before in human history, literally true!

Now to examine the figurative. The prophet Amos writes to the ten tribes of the Kingdom of Israel with a clearly discernable figurative use of "to and fro".

In Daniel 12:4 the angel Michael said "shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase". If many are seeking the Word of the LORD we may be in the end times. Typing "Jesus Christ" into Google returned 49,100,000 results. Typing "GOD" returned 93,500,000 results. "Bible" gives us 24,000,000. In Hebrew שבת (Sabbath) there were 4,640,000 results. "Sabbath" yields 2,810,000 results. This prophecy is fulfilled!

Prophecy 4

Burning forest

Matthew 24th chapter, Mark 13th chapter, and Luke 21st chapter all detail an end time fore-warning known as the "Olivet Prophecy". There was a foreshadowing fulfillment of the prophecy in 70 AD. However, it was only a partial fulfillment. In Matthew 24:6 and Mark 13:7 is stated "you will hear of wars and rumors of wars". That there are occurring globally more wars or civil disturbances, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, famines, diseases, plagues, and meteor strikes may be true. It is definitely true that we are hearing many more reports about such tragedies.

March 11, 2011 much of Japan was horribly devasted by a 9.0 eathquake and the resulting tsunami. This is not entirely unusual for Japan. Twenty four hours a day the news channels alternated reporting from Japan and from the Middle East where almost all countries are in turmoil. This is not entirely unusual for the Middle East.

What is unusual is that now there exist satellites and cell phones with cameras and televisions. It is the reporting of the wars and disasters that has definitely and obviously increased.

Prophecy 5

Moon Landing

This section of the Olivet Prophecy is largely ignored by nominal Christianity. Not until mankind invented the Hydrogen bomb could this prophecy be fulfilled. Today mankind has built enough thermonuclear, chemical, and biological weapons to destroy all flesh in a single day.


When the planes crashed into the World Trade Center towers this began a time known as "Jacob's Trouble". However, the Great Tribulation has not yet started. When we see the armies encompassing Jerusalem then the Great Tribulation will begin. Jesus Christ will return soon. Here are the last two verses in the Bible.

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